Sunday Drive

The other day I went for a drive to Harrison Lake on a nice clear, cold November day. Around Vancouver, the temperature is getting cold and the snow is creeping down the side of the mountains so I thought it would be nice to get out and enjoy a non-rainy day. I went for a drive to Harrison lake which was about an hour out into the eastern Fraser Valley. Stopped along the way at Kirby Park where all the bird watchers were out in full force looking for the Bald Eagles that come in vast numbers around this time of year. There was an eagle festival set-up along with eco-boat tours to get a closer glimpse of the eagles. However I was on a search for a very different kind of animal…thing. Harrison is known to be a place where Sasquatch or Bigfoot has been spotted and many of the local businesses have a Sasquatch theme. I decided to bring my camera and try to capture the elusive Sasquatch. I also got some practice with my camera stabilizer and enjoyed the snow capped mountains, golden coloured leaves, and a clear blue sky.