Photos generally take a back seat to making videos but sometimes I see certain things that I just cant but help take a picture of. Most of my photos I do some sort of post production to them so they arent exactly how they originally looked. These are just a couple of my favourite photos I have taken.

This photo is of Jokusarlon around the south eastern part of Iceland. It is a glacier lagoon where all these pieces of the Vatnajokull glacier have broken off and are slowly floating there way out into the ocean. The photo looks dark but it was actually taken during the day however I was playing around with the White Balance and one of the settings (I cant remember which one) turned out like this. I thought it looked really cool with the icebergs reflections in the dark water. My friends said that it had a gotham sort of Batman look to it so I figure that is some sort of compliment.

I was in Jordan back in February 2011 and of course along the way had to stop at Petra the famous site where Indiana Jones was filmed. Oh and of course one of the new 7 Wonders of the World. I ended up doing “Petra at Night” where you walk along a candle lit Siq (The passage that brings you to the Treasury) and eventually come to the Treasury which is lit up by hundreds of paper lanterns. It was another neat experience sitting under the stars in front of a beautiful tomb carved out of a sandstone wall lit up by a bunch of candles listening to some Jordanian music. I had to try and get a photo of this but had no tri-pod and holding the camera with a long shutter speed to get enough light in was only resulting in blurry photos. After waiting for all the people to clear out of the area I managed to balance my camera on top of a bench at the back and try some shots. I couldn’t quite get behind the bench because it was against the rock wall so the first few shots I was guessing with the composition and ended up cutting the Treasury out. Finally I composed my shot correctly, and got the right shutter speed. While I was doing that a friendly but persistent Bedouin was offering me to stay with him and his family for the night in a traditional rock cave somewhere nearby. I assumed it came at a price and was not all that interested in it because I had a hotel that I paid for and that night was quite cold in the desert. I declined his offer 5 times and he kindly left and so did I with this photo of the Treasury at night.

Recently I started trying some HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos with my camera and I like the way they have turned out. When I was on Safari in Tanzania I tried a couple HDR photos with some of the animals we spotted and found out that it can be quite difficult when they just wont stay still for you. I captured this photo of two “lazy” lions lying in the grass and luckily when I took the burst of 7 photos at different exposures they managed to stay relatively still. Most of the HDR photos I have taken turned out with a cartoon/painting look to them but I love how you get a greater depth of both the highlights and the shadows. I should also add that I had to lean out the truck and hold my camera down closer to the ground so that I could get a lower angle in order to include the mountains covered by clouds. I don’t recommend hanging out of a safari truck to take a photo because I heard some stories about lions jumping up and trying to grab people.

As you can see from this photo that I didn’t exactly take the it because I am in it, but I did edit the photo to give it this final look. The photo was taken on Vancouver Island on my way to Tofino in Cathedral Grove. These are some of the oldest Douglas Fir trees you will find anywhere and they are very tall. The original photo didn’t have much sunlight coming through the trees so I made an artificial light source so that it looks like the sun is really shining through the tree canopy. I made the edges appear out of focus so that more attention is drawn to the large tree in the middle of the photo. I also personally really like dark shadows and I used a tool to make the dark places in between the tree bark appear darker. I also added that rough edged border because, well why not I thought it looked cool at the time.

If you would like to see some more of my photos then you can visit my flickr page.


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