Matt D Gauthier is a self-proclaimed ‘left-handed giant’ with an interest in making videos. Hailing from the Greater Vancouver Region, Matt has always enjoyed sneaking off with his mothers video camera and creating videos. It has always been a hobby from filming “Lego Movies” at the age of 12 to Snowboarding videos with friends in his 20’s. After backpacking across 3 continents this past year Matt finally made the decision to start making videos seriously. He has started taking courses in Broadcast and Media Communications at a local School and plans on doing video production volunteering. One day he hopes to be doing it for a living but in the mean time this is what he is up to.

This blog is about anything video, photo, media, or personal interests related. Gear, Books, Movies, Techniques, if it can fall anywhere from Pre-Production to Post Production then it will be discussed. Mostly video related content and a chance to share any videos that Matt makes along the way.

In his spare time he likes to keep moving, whether snowboarding, exploring the world, or playing baseball. Some might say he’s obsessed with baseball, but Matt likes to think he’s just ‘passionate’. Matt has been to 23 countries and took video clips in almost all of them. Check out his vimeo page here and wish you were there.


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