Making a Commercial

In one of my current classes we have been broken off into groups and must come up with an idea for a commercial. It’s a brief introduction into the creation process of a coming up with and pitching a commercial idea. We picked a product (Doritos) and came up with an objective, our target audience, the breakdown of the commercial, a punch line, and a rough shot list. We did a ‘mock’ pitch to our instructor on the idea and he gave feedback on how to really grab a company when pitching ideas and some things we could change to the commercial.

The idea is to have a bunch of guys over for the football game and there is a spread of food and a one bag of Doritos. Of course everyone wants the Doritos, there is a scramble for it, but turns out the host has more and everyone is happy because they have Doritos. The idea has been done before but we are still learning camera techniques and that is the main focus of this class is to get used to the camera, lights, and audio.

While I am on the topic of commercials here are some funny ones I found on Youtube that did their job creating a stir and getting many people to watch.


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